Prom Night


Hello gorgeous!

It’s Saturday, May 30th. My good friend of mine is going to her first prom *insert fan-girl scream*. And I was honored on being asked to do her makeup. This was a big deal because I’m used to doing people’s makeup for say games and trips to the mall, never something as important as this. Prom is an event where you get completely dolled up, spend loads of money on your dress, your shoes, your nails, it’s a night excuse to become beautiful. And who better to know about than me? Of course I was honored, because it was never brought to my intention that I had good taste until she brought it to me. Obviously I accepted it and I was given a week to figure out exactly what I was going to do.

My friend asked for a neutral look. Neutral base. Deep brown crease. Slight silver. The minimal works. Now for her, she’s beautiful just the way she is. That is a fact about all women. But her… “education on makeup” is very small. Her level from 1-10 is about a two. This isn’t a bad thing, not everybody is a ten, I’m not even a ten. She’s the eyeliner and mascara type of a girl. That was me at age 11, that was my platform.


This is her before, before the amounts of makeup were added. This is an image before the eyeshadow. I put on e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer along with e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set. Both are a very light primer that doesn’t clog your pores and makes you feel natural. Then I put on concealer, truBlend Fixstick Concealer l5-6-7, underneath her eyes *triangles, not lines*. I used a beauty blender sponge and then a blending brush. As for her foundation, I didn’t use anything heavy, I just wanted her to feel as beautiful as she is without loads of makeup. On top of her concealer I put on Coverall Cream Foundation by wet n wild. I waited about five minutes for it to fully stay on before putting on her eyeshadow. Now, like I said, she wanted to remain neutral. I first started with e.l.f. eyeshadow palette, using a light base that matched her skintone. On top of that I used a deep shimmery gold eyeshadow on her lid. Then I went to Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette and used a deep brown for her crease. I mixed a purple in it to match her dress and topped it with a shimmery silver. Then, a more harder area, I did her eyeliner. With this I went into multiple positions to be comfortable so I wouldn’t mess. First time… Not so good, but second time fabulous. To finish it off I used Maybelline Colossal mascara.

Second, I went back to the face. I had used Ready, Set Gorgeous by CoverGirl and did four little dots underneath her eyes, just to do a slight highlight. Blended that, and soon made her do the duckface to put on her bronzer. Underneath her bronzer I used truBlend d5-6-7 *the concealer stick I use* and put that on as her contour. Blending it in, I then put on her blush and soon sprayed the e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set once again to make sure that while she’s having a good time, her makeup won’t smudge.

After doing her hair and making her even more beautiful we took a trip to the garden for her pictures.





It was a fantastic night and I am so honored to have done her makeup for her.

I hope you enjoyed my three hour journey and continue reading others posts that will be posted soon.

With Love,


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