The Manipulated Dress

Hello fellow readers!

It has been such a long time since I have posted and I am to blame for my lack of motivation to blog. I was expanding my portfolio so I can blog more and time just got away from me. But I am happy to say that I am back and plan on updating as much as possible.

With it being the holidays, I decided to blog once more and talk about my homecoming dress. I am aware that homecoming season is officially over but I wanted to share this journey of my dress because it wasn’t an easy process, but the complications I faced were worth it in the end.

The dress officially began on October 24, 2015.


And didn’t end until October 31, 2015. AKA the day of homecoming.

If it’s one thing I don’t particularly like about sewing is cutting the pieces out, because the perfectly folded pieces never go back the way they came and the whole process isn’t the most organized. With this dress, which is a pattern by NewLook SO537 ($3.99):


There is a sheer piece for the yoke front and back. But I (quite boldly) decided to make the entire back sheer. So taking the yoke front and back along with bodice back and side, I taped them together, creating one big back piece for the lace fabric that I had chosen.

There were twenty-seven steps that I needed to do in time for homecoming. Each day I did three steps so I wouldn’t be rushing because when I rush it doesn’t come out as it should and it might not be noticeable to others but it’s very noticeable to me.

This dress had started with just a manipulation in the bodice but with taking a risk with that somewhat faulted in other aspects. With the three pieces being taped together, it somewhat shrunk the top portion. The waistband and skirt were longer than the bodice. I decided (again, quite boldly) to do a box pleat. Granted I had never done a box pleat before, I had found this inspiration from Ashley Nell Tipton from Season 14 of Project Runway. She had creatively used box pleats in her designs and I fell in love, never once having done it before. But in order for this dress to work and not look uneven, it needed to be done.

So I did my research.

A lot.

Steps made it sound easy. I marked on the wrong side of the fabric where I wanted the pleat, which was in the back, three inches away from the zipper. Then fold over the fabric towards the placement line (the line which I marked) and pin in place. With that, I baste stitched it, which is a stitch that is done for temporary use. It isn’t a permanent stitch because it doesn’t hold as sturdy as regular stitches do. With that I had a two box pleats and a skirt that fit to the top.

Box pleats, let me tell, are officially now my favorite things to sew. They are very simple and easy to do and completely fashionable.Β (For more information on how to do it, there is a link below of the website that I used to help me with this process)

As time started to wind down though, the quicker I had to become. Because even though I said to do an easy three steps a day, I of course didn’t do it. I would skip a couple days due to school or pure laziness and it did, like I knew it would, set me back in the dress. I was rushing trying to get done, and created a hole in my skirt.

How it happened? I do not know.

My frustration had skyrocketed, my motivation had lessened. I simply did not want to finish this dress when there were only a couple days left till homecoming. I was tempted to just go with Plan B which was a backup dress that was a simple black dress. There was nothing special about. Nothing that said it was me. It was honestly a hand-me-down from my sister’s prom.

But my mother, who had bought the fabric, refused to let me just toss it to the side to probably never get picked up again. I was known for that sometimes, I’m not going to lie, sometimes it gets the best of me and I end up not finishing the project. That wasn’t going to be the case with this dress.

So I contemplated what I could do in three days. My conclusion? Putting chiffon over the skirt. Chiffon is that lightweight sheer fabric that many homecoming and prom dresses carry. It was thick enough to hide the imperfection I had made and simply made it look classier.

Having detached the skirt from the waist band (undoing the box pleat might I add), I recreated another skirt that I put on top of the original and continued on. Once again doing a box pleat, not as easy as before but it came perfectly fine.

I used a Singer Serger for the hem and eventually I was enjoying my night with my friends with a dress that nobody could possibly copy.


I hope you readers have enjoyed my journey that has been delayed almost three months. And I hope this inspires you to follow that outreached dream because no dream is impossible.

Thank you so much for reading, and comment about what you thought because your opinion does matter to me.

My next blog (because I did mean what I said about blogging more) will be up next Friday, January 1, 2016. It will be about my mall haul, from clothes to makeup.

Enjoy your holidays loves and Happy New Year!



^Website for box pleat. If you try it, let me know how you do!Β 



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