Mall Haul.

Hello loves!

With fall approaching an soon to be cold weather, my wardrobe needed some help. My warm and comfortable clothes had been the attire that I’ve had for a while now and needed something new.

So I’ll start with my tops.


  • Knitted Crew Neck ($19.90, Forever 21)
  • Logo Top ($10.90, Forever 21)
  • Lace Top ($9.99, H&M)
The white crew neck is an embroidered long-sleeve top. It has two distinctive patterns that are repeated.

I got this top because it is pretty thick and I believe will keep in heat on a chilly day. When it comes to fall/winter shopping, I strictly believe in being comfortable and warm while still being fashionable. There is no reason to wear thin material when temperatures are clearly cold. I recommend this top with a nice pair of jeans or a skirt with it tucked in with a nice belt.

The logo top is a white, long-sleeved, crop top. It’s long enough where it covers your bellybutton but does reveal a tad bit of your skin. It is a light cotton with the logo fluent in fashion written across the chest.


Now with this top, it isn’t something I would wear by itself. It is pretty sheer so I would wear a camisole or a bandeau. With a good pair of jeans or a skirt with, again, a belt would be good. I wouldn’t recommend tucking this shirt in, it is a light fabric that is flowy. With it cut near the stomach, it can easily flow over the skirt itself.

Lastly the lace top. This is a light, long-sleeved, polyester fabric that is also sheer. I, again, recommend wearing it with a camisole, especially in this weather. The bottom of the shirt has a nice lacey finish.


With this piece of lace at the bottom, me personally would not tuck this in. It is very pretty and should be seen. Yet again, with a pair of jeans it would be a very good outfit. With a skirt, you can simply overlay it so the design shows.

Another top that I had bought was a sweater.


  • Knit Sweater ($16, Forever 21)
Now this sweater was in the window of Forever 21 and I was instantly drawn to it. I absolutely love an oversized sweater and am drawn to the color burgundy. I don’t know why but I just am. It is an appealing color to my skin tone and isn’t too bright nor dark. This sweater is perfect for fall/winter weather, it is thick enough where you will be warm but not hot. It is not see-through so if you’re anything like me, someone who doesn’t wear a shirt underneath sweaters, this top is perfect for that. You can’t see through it and nothing is revealed. The length of this shirt comes to the top of the thigh. You could pair this with jeans or leggings. There’s nothing wrong with wearing it with a skirt, if you can make that work, by all means, go ahead. For me, I find a bit to matronly. Accessorizing it with a good scarf would also be a good idea, and knowing myself I defiantly will.
Next I will go to the pants/skirts/dresses.
  • Knit Dress ($14.90, Forever 21)
  • Knee Length Skirt ($15.90, Forever 21)
  • Elastic High Waist Skinny Jeans ($19.99, H&M)

The knit dress is a bodycon, olive green dress that goes to the knee. It is a lightweight, polyester fabric that I would pair with a nice blazer or leather jacket. This dress, I envision a slight edgy feel. Accessorize it with some silver or gold jewelry with a good heel, you’re good to go.

The knee length, pencil skirt is a thick and tight knit that is very thick and durable. It keeps in heat and has twelve rows of sheer material. It isn’t too revealing and is very comfortable. I would wear a shirt that is tucked inside with a nice heel or boot.

The skinny jeans are a  deep blue that are high waist. It is elastic in the waist, making it stretchy but also form fitting. These are skinny jeans that are meant to fit every curve, and that makes me happy if I’m being honest. I personally cannot stand jeans that aren’t form fitting and don’t accentuate some form of my lower half. When it comes to high waist jeans, I don’t like putting anything over it, I like it either tucked in or wearing it hipster style where on the front piece of your shirt is tucked in. These jeans can be worn with any type of shoe: sneakers, heels, boots, anything.

And I am now realizing just how long this blog is and going to cut this short. Thank you loves for reading and let me know what you think.




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