High-Low Skirt

Hello loves!

Fall is somewhat coming to an end- even though temperatures are saying otherwise- I needed a fall a skirt that was an eye catcher. Something bold, something that popped. 

So as I had promised- the skirt I had finished a while ago. It was a skirt that I had taken me longer than usual ones I’ve done before.

The pattern is McCall’s M7054:


And if you hadn’t guessed, I did Skirt C for obvious reasons of course.

But as to why this pattern took me so long? Because there were four pieces. Now saying that, it doesn’t sound like a very difficult skirt to create, am I right? Well, that four became eight because there needed to be two of each piece. And if that wasn’t overwhelming, the fact that there wasn’t any room for a mistake. And speaking personally, there is no way I could make this skirt perfectly on my first try.

And like I had suspected, I didn’t.

Sewing the first three pieces on the front of the skirt was easy. But then when it began to get to the low part of the skirt was when it got confusing. Because it was there that I couldn’t afford to mess up. Because if I absentmindedly put the wrong piece on either side of the three pieces, then the hem would get messed up and pieces were longer than others. It was just a mess. And there couldn’t be any manipulation (trust me, I tried) so I basically had to start over.

And by start over I mean I waited about two weeks to pick up the project again. I am not proud of myself for doing that but I’m guilty of getting frustrated and then never picking the project up again if I mess up. It happened on my homecoming dress and it happened here. Of course with there being school I simply forgot about it until one day when I was cleaning the basement of scrap fabric, patterns I had used and didn’t put back, when I noticed the skirt.

Of course the first thing I noticed was the unevenness of the skirt. Somehow I worked up the courage and energy to redo the skirt. I made sure the pieces matched up and in two days the skirt was finally to my liking. The zipper, by far, was the simplest thing to do and I was glad.


But oh no, I wasn’t done. Of course I had bought a fabric that wasn’t sheer but possibly should be with the way you could see through it. So what needed to be done? A lining needed to be added.

Basically what a lining is that it is a lightweight fabric that you put underneath a skirt or dress so you cannot see underneath your garment. It was pretty simple, all I had to do was repeat the steps of the pattern, basically like making a second skirt.


Then I placed the lining skirt over the actual skirt on the right side and sewed it around the waist. I bring the lining on the inside, making the waist fold over and create a nice finished waist. I put a top stitch so I can make sure that it laid down flat.

And lastly, my favorite thing that came out of this skirt (well second, of course wearing it was my first favorite) was serging my skirt. For Christmas my grandmother had blessed me with a Singer Serge. If you look at the photo above of the lining, the bottom stitch is what a serge does. It’s the nice finishing that you would have on the side seams of your shirt or pants. 

Now when it comes to serging, threading the machine is probably not my favorite thing. Because there’s four spools of thread that need to be put into the machine in order for it work. And, take my word for it, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There’s about twenty plus threading instructions just so it will serge correctly because one missed instruction, the whole thing can be messed up.

BUT it is the most satisfying and relaxing thing. Sewing can be relaxing but with the serger, watching the nice stitch come through I couldn’t help but feel happy about it.

Now a tip if any of you readers decide to make a skirt or dress that requires a lining, if it has a zipper like mine, do not feel obligated to reinstall a zipper. With lining you just knack it down, if you sew it it won’t lay down and will be slightly bulky.


 If you noticed, I did practically copy the pattern because I liked the idea of having a gray skirt, I never had one so why not? And yes, I took a picture in my driveway, the lighting was really good that day. But if you readers decide to do this skirt, I want to encourage you to do so because even though it was a difficult pattern (coming from me) it is worth it.

If you do, let me know I’m very interested in people’s designs. 

So I hope you guys enjoyed my journey and let me know what you thought because your opinion does matter to me.





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