Plaid Wrap Skirt

Hello loves!

With winter in full swing, I decided to make a skirt that was warm for those cold winter days but also fashionable. 

The pattern I used this time was Simplicity 1322:

It called for five pieces: right and left front, back, and yoke front and back. I did pattern B for the fact that I liked the zipper in the front. It was interesting and something I haven’t done yet with the numerous skirts I’ve done.

This skirt was fairly easy, something I was happy about with starting to sew it. It only took me two days to do and I was glad because I wore it to church and got positive feedback. But what was different about this skirt and others I’ve done is that, normally, there are required pieces that are a front, back, and two sides- for the most part. But with this one, there wasn’t a front because, like it’s called, it wrapped around.

After cutting out the pieces, I had to do one dart in the pieces right and left front and the back piece. All sewing patterns will tell you where to put a dart, one for each size. On the pattern pieces they look like triangles with three circles where you put pins in for tailor’s chalk. (Tailor’s chalk is a certain chalk that will help you make temporary marks on pieces) You mark the dart with the tailor’s chalk, clipping the ends of the dart. Then you fold the dart in half, matching the lines you made with the chalk as best you can and then pin in place. When you begin to sew, you sew from the bottom up to the tip. You follow the line you drew with the chalk and when you reach the tip keep going to form a string of thread. This string will ensure that the dart stays in place and won’t unravel later on when you wash your garment.


After putting the darts in the required places, I stay-stitched the front and back pieces. With stay-stitching, this just ensures that your garment doesn’t stretch and remains firm when you finish and wear it. It’s just a simple stitch about half an inch from the top of the garment.

Then after sewing all pieces together, creating one long panel I serge the bottom of my skirt before hemming the bottom and sides, like the instructions said. Afterwards I wrapped the skirt around my waist till it fit to my body. Pinning it where I wanted, I sewed the lap (the wrap piece) on the right side of the fabric.

What had caught my eye about this pattern was the zipper in the front of the skirt. It was different and I liked the idea of it. Now what I didn’t know until I got to the step of the zipper was that it was a decorative zipper, meaning that this wasn’t the zipper that I used to get in and out of the skirt. This, like it says, is just for decoration. Enforcing this zipper is very different from enforcing a normal zipper. Because instead of doing it on the inside, so it won’t be that noticeable, you do it on the outside.

Now on a zipper, there are the two teethes at the bottom that just looked weird with sewing it on the outside. You fold the bottom of the zipper up and then pin the zipper, face up, on the outside of the skirt and then stitch. Next I had the zipper closed and stitched the right side. The top of it was left as is because with the installation of the waistband, it would just fold over and the top of the zipper wouldn’t be seen.

The second to last thing to do with this skirt was to install the waistband. The yoke front and back needed interfacing. Interfacing is a stiff fabric that you put in collars, and sleeves, to keep it firm and so it won’t stretch. It has two sides, one smooth and one is rough.

The rough side is placed on the wrong side of the fabric and is ironed on. Because, once you feel it, the rough side is somewhat bumpy. The bumps are glue that, once ironed on, will stick onto the fabric and be secure and won’t stretch.

Sewing the yoke front and back together, I then sew the waistband on, right sides together and once done fold it to create a nice finished look. Ironing it down, the only thing I had left was the zipper. Now this zipper was installed normally, and eventually I was done.


I hope you guys enjoyed my journey with this wrap skirt. It was very easy and I hope you guys try it. 

Thanks for reading loves!!




This is the link to further explain how to do darts. 


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