My Newfound Addiction

Hello loves!

It is legit boiling this summer! Walking outside feeling like you’re melting has become the norm around here. But regardless of how hot it is- I still feel obligated to dress up. And with the usual outfits being shorts and tank-tops, I began to sew more and more. And one thing that I have yet to give up, something I had made about four times now, is African maxi skirts.

Oh my word, they are my addiction. They are such beautiful and cultural skirts that I cannot help but love them. There is so many different styles and fabrics, they are just my guilty pleasure. When I’m not sewing something else, I am sewing another one of these. And the best part is, the fabric I’ve used isn’t just African fabric. I’ll use normal cotton from Joann, and just mix and match.

Now the purple one is African fabric. I had come across an African fabric store in Maryland by one of my lovely friends who had taught me how to make these skirts… Little did she know she was creating a monster…


Now the black midi one, it started out just being a straight, all black, skirt. The waistband was originally just a simple black one. But (I feel as if this were a sign) the waistband I had made was too small for my waist. I don’t know how I could possibly mess it up it simply didn’t fit me- regardless of how much I tried to suck it in. So I seam ripped it and was planning on making another plain black waistband, just bigger.

But having gone to Joann Fabric Store (I believe that I had went for my mom but of course I ended up in the fabric section) I stumbled upon Buttercream Audrey Collection Cotton fabric. Now, a disclaimer, I stay clear from this section because of how expensive it is. It’s such beautiful and classy fabric which is more on the pricey side. It calls for $12.99 per yard, which is more expensive than my usual $6.99-$7.99 price range. But- low and behold, there was a sale. Bam, bam, thank you ma’am! When I saw the red SALE sign and the $7.99 for Buttercream Audrey Collection CottonI had made a direct beeline to their aisle. It was completely tempting to buy every fabric I had laid my eyes on- but I withheld… Somewhat.

But I had come across the black and gold fabric, the waistband above in the black skirt, and instantly fell in love. To be honest, my waist-less skirt that I had yet to finish was not the first thing that came to mind when I saw that fabric. I was thinking of multiple garments I could make with it- thinking of buying the whole darn bolt- but of course I couldn’t because I have a budget (it is so sad when your mother puts you on budget for fabric). So then my mind drifted onto a skirt I could potentially make with it and then it went to my waist-less skirt and I instantly knew that this fabric had to be waistband. There was no debate, my mother could tell me nothing, it was happening. So I bought it and made it into a waistband, adding on about five inches to my actual waist so I knew for certain that it would fit and so I could let my stomach out if need be.

And as for the white maxi skirt, that was also something I had gotten at Joann when I had went solely for my mother but somehow ended up buying for myself, I had been in the cotton section that you can normal find me in all the time. I had been thinking of making a white skirt for holy communion for church- this being the first Sunday of the month and you wear white- but I had never gotten around to it. But when I was mindlessly walking up and down the aisle, I saw this cute white fabric that was somewhat sheer but had solid white triangles in it.

And having thought of my black midi skirt, I didn’t want the traditional waistband. I needed something that was different. And with the consultation of my mom, we came across a nice cream fabric that worked great with the white fabric.

I am currently on my forth skirt.


This is an African print fabric that I had gotten from the lovely African store in Maryland. It is dashiki fabric but of course I made it into a skirt. I have enough to make a dashiki and I am completely going to make one since they are very popular right now.

But I have just finished gathering it and am moving onto the waistband.

If you guys would like a step-by-step post like I normally do on African maxi skirts then let me know in the comments. Your opinions and interests are important to me and I want to be helpful. All in all, these skirts are very easy (obviously or I wouldn’t currently have three and a half) and very stylish.

I hope you guys love them just as much as I do because they are simply gorgeous.

Until next time my loves.



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