MJ- You Scoundrel.

Hello my loves!

Today, I am doing something different. Instead of talking about something I’ve made, I have decided to talk about news in the world of fashion.

As everyone should know, New York Fashion Week started September 7th and ended September 15th. I pretty sure we’re all aware because apparently society likes to do full coverage on the Kardashian’s and since Kanye West has suddenly become the illumanti of fashion- we have found ourselves in the whirlwind we call reality.

But my intention is not to speak about the Kardashian’s, unlike majority of the media who has taken notice of the $13 million dollars worth of jewelry that went missing in Kim K’s room. *Can you imagine the less amount of stress I would feel towards college tuition if I had that type of money?* But I believe that controversy with Marc Jacobs has subsided these past few days, and I don’t mean to rehash it, but I find it necessary to put my two sense in.

First and foremost, Jacob’s spring 2017 runway was not tragic. His light bulb *1,500* invested runway was absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking. And the clothes, they were unique- different. Do I see myself wearing that in the spring of 2017? Not particularly. But then we have the dreads.


(Marc Jacobs Spring 2017, Vogue, http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2017-ready-to-wear/marc-jacobs#collection)

52. 52 models. All wearing these colorful, fake, dreads.

Now obviously this raised h*ll in the eyes of black society. Of course when I saw it, I was out of my mind curious as to why this was the ideal choice of hairstyles. To this day I will never truly understand.

Jacob’s NYFW carried multiple diversities, that is evident. But if you are using African American culture, why not use actual African Americans? This point was made by @rnbzains via Twitter that I cannot help but agree with.

This “trend”, which some might argue is a lifestyle, has always been looked at with uncertain eyes. This “trend” was never truly understood. But yet this “trend” is okay when it is put on models and walked down the runway and is called “fashion”.

After years of no one truly coming to the understanding of dreadlocks, it is suddenly acceptable and competent once Marc Jacobs puts it on the heads of diverse models *five of which were African American, but only two who were full African*.

But that’s not the only thing that has made me wondering on if buying his handbags, perfume, and makeup, *let’s be honest- I cannot afford that in my biweekly paycheck* it’s his rebuttal to what was said about his show.

marc jacobs.PNGTo be completely honest with you, I stopped reading after “funny how you don’t criticize women of colors for straightening their hair.” 


Image result for wait what gif tumblr

I’m sorry… What culture officially started straightening their hair?

I don’t mean to get on my soap box and rant about this that has possibly already died down, but of course people can understand why it makes me angry. Some might classify this as “unimportant” but I can most likely guarantee that the people who don’t care about how this “trend”, this look, are the ones who don’t feel as if something from a culture was taken away.

Now this is suddenly appropriate but yet prior to NYFW it wasn’t. I wish for just a little bit more respect from Jacobs, I wish for giving credit to the culture instead of a statement that didn’t make any sense.

But that is all I have for today. I hope to have another post up soon, maybe about something I’ve, maybe about news in fashion, who knows?





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