Homecoming 2k16

Aw October.

The month of when the weather begins to get colder and the color of leaves begin to change. Sweaters begin to come, fall eyeshadow and lipsticks begin to come back out, leg warmers of all colors are being tucked in boots, and scarfs are being worn more often- around the neck and head. All in all, the season of fall is spectacular.

And what special occasion falls in October? Homecoming. 

Now for the past two years, I have taken full advantage of homecoming. Began my outfits a month in advance and spend a long period of time perfecting this outfit that I would only wear once. (And this isn’t me being stereotypical, this is literally the case with the past two homecoming dresses I’ve made and worn)

But this year has been different from the past. Me being senior and having a job and trying to balance my social life with school and also having time for myself, things got hectic. (Hectic meaning that 95% of my time is being spent by myself so…) This year, I didn’t make a homecoming outfit- add dramatic gasp here.

But, I did help others with their outfit. And by others, I mean my one good friend. It being our senior year, we didn’t want to attend the dance so we decided to go out to dinner instead. But even with going out to dinner for foco- fake homecoming- we still wanted to dress up. She had decided to buy a dress from Forever 21 for $15:


It was a plain black dress that needed something more. It’s a bodycon, A-line dress. Her ideas for the dress came in many different designs. We went for adding an overlay skirt to deciding on white lines forming a pattern from the waist to her bust.

After much Google images searching, we had come to the conclusion of this design:


There are two lines around the waist and then two on either side, along the form of her chest. It was an easy and simple design that I knew I could handle. Time consuming? Maybe. Easy to do? Absolutely.

At Joanns, I bought about half a yard of non-stretch bright white jersey fabric. It was soft to the touch but didn’t stretch. I cut about seven, inch wide strips and pressed each side inwards to the middle- creating bias tape.

Image result for bias tape

Made Everyday With Dana, http://www.madeeveryday.com/2008

I did this so you wouldn’t see the fraying on either edge of the strip and would create a nice finish.

After I cut out the strips, I had my friend wear her dress and I pinned the lines where she wanted them.

I preferred to do it this way because she has a fairly big bust and I needed to know where the dress began to curve in her chest area so I knew which way to position the lines. After ensuring that known of the pins were connected to her clothes, I took home the dress and top stitched them on, a line on either side of the strip so it would lay flat- remembering to back-stitch so that it won’t unravel.

She wanted white fabric along the neckline as well, so I bought bias tape from Joanns and applied that around the neckline, taking off the straps so I could put the tape around the neck. It created a clean finish instead of random gaps for the straps.


I can understand that the lines around the waist are a bit crooked, but once my friend put it on, the lines straightened out thankful due to her bust.


All in all, I preferred to help my friend with her homecoming outfit than doing mine. It was a short and fun experience. It was good to take a break from hassle to do something that I knew I could and wasn’t very time consuming.

I hope you guys enjoyed. Until next time.



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