Prom 2k17

Hello my loves!!

For my junior and senior high schoolers who can relate- IT IS PROM SEASON!

This is such an exciting time for just about to everyone- but it was profoundly exciting for me as well. Since the time I even knew what prom was, I fantasized about it for years. What boy would prompose to me, my hair, my dress, the whole nine yards. But as I approached my senior year, and the workload became excruciatingly hectic, I didn’t think much of prom. Surprising- I know. This year, I would say, I was balling on a budget. I only bought things that I thought were necessary, and didn’t put money to something that I didn’t believe I truly needed.

In other words; college is not cheap and I had to save as much as possible.

But,Β it wasn’t an option not to go to prom. My mother and sister practically embedded the fact that I was going regardless of anything.

So what did I do to start my journey of prom?

Make my dress of course.

I will be honest, I had my prom dress pattern since my sophomore year of high school. So long ago that the pattern was no longer in the giant book of patterns at Joann’s. And I was completely okay with that. I knew this dress was going to be a statement and I knew that regardless of the trends back in 2014 it was going to carry to my 2017 prom. So I tucked it away and brought it out at it’s necessary time.

Image result for mccalls m6701

With a trip to New York City, I had gotten my fabric from Mood Fabrics in the Garment District. *Yes I got to experience my Project Runway dream of being able to buy fabric from such a high end fabric store* And with knowing this, I believe everyone is aware of how expensive my fabric was. My pattern called for 8 7/8 yards worth of fabric. The total came out to be around $200.

If it wasn’t for my sister who graciously split the cost with me and dipping into my savings, I wouldn’t have afforded this dress. That is for darn sure.

But with buying the fabric- prom was practically set in stone. No turning back. No starting and not finishing. Nothing. It was time to get to work.

Having gotten my fabric around Christmas time of 2016, I had four months to prepare for my dress. Enough to cut, find the lining, make, alter if needed, and perfect my dress. But, as always, Kyndal procrastinated.

If you have been reading since my beginning posts of me making my two homecoming dresses, you are aware of how bad of a procrastinator I am. It is something I have struggled with for years.

I had until April 21st to finish my dress. I did not start it until March 30th. That gave me less than a month. But with help from my boss at the sewing studio to lay out all 7 of my pattern pieces, and my mother who helped cut it, I was making good time. The pattern itself was fairly easy, the only frustrating thing was my material was very delicate. I had to change my universal sewing needle to the most pristine one I could find at Joann’s so it wouldn’t pucker. I sewed my outer dress and then the gold lining I got from Joann’s for about $80- thank Jesus for coupons.

And another blessing was my spring break was a week before prom, so with having my outer dress made as well as following the easy instructions for my lining, all I had left to do was put in my boning for the bodice and attach the two together.

Thinking that applying the boning was going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, I was utterly surprised when it wasn’t. It was actually fairly easy. The hardest part would’ve been attaching the two dresses together.

Having sewed them right sides together around the top of the dress, all that was left was sewing the hem together. But that wasn’t so easy because of the unevenness of my hem. High-low dresses can be somewhat tricky for me but I was able to figure it out… after maybe an hour of fussing with it.

With pressing the dress with no a lot of direct heat, I was able to having the lining fold perfectly underneath the outside of my dress. My dress was officially done on April 14. All that was left was putting it in the cleaner’s for a nice soft press and the essential thing that every girls should experience for her prom.

The nails.
The shoes.
The hair.
The makeup.

When April 21st rolled around, I was ecstatic. Having done my best friend and mine makeup an hour before pictures and experiencing my first prom surrounded with people who I love being with- it was a fabulous night.

I am happy to share with you any tips or further explain the play-by-play of my dress *because obviously there was more to it than just what I wrote*. I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for my next post.

Until next time.



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