The Story Behind K

Life for me has been a turn of events to say the least.

When I was younger, I was a prima donna. I wore jeans everywhere, frowned at the sight of sweatpants, and believed those little gloss sets were the Anastasia Beverley Hills makeup palettes. You couldn’t tell me anything. I was sewing at age nine, taking classes in a woman’s basement and watching Project Runway religiously, I thought I would be the next designer to “make it work”

But as I got older, into my teenage years, I began to get more athletic. I have an older sister who was well-known in the athletic department and I thought that’s what I wanted to do- follow in her footsteps. For my middle school years, that’s where I saw fit. But by the end of the eighth grade, going onto high school, I realized it wasn’t. I fiddled around for a while, figuring out where it was that I fit, what it was I was going to spend my high school years perfecting. And eventually, sewing caught back up with me, having stopped when I reached age ten.

So now, after years of sewing, I know what I’m meant to do. Ideas are endless and motivation/inspiration is everywhere. You just need to know who you are and follow what it is you want, picking up a few support systems on the way.



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