Trends of 2016-2017

Hello my loves! With the new year, I am looking deeply into the trends of 2016-2017. Knowing myself, I usually don’t follow all the trends that have set themselves into our lives. But I’m always curious. As a designer, it’s important to know what works for yourself but also fits in with what everyone is wearing and what the excitement is. Fall fashion trends in 2016 Velvet:  I’m pretty … Continue reading Trends of 2016-2017

thoughts from a young girl.

My heart is heavy with sorrow. Yesterday was our final goodbye to two people who have paved a way for African Americans, and to a family of four who everyday people can relate to. A family who received so much praise at one end but at another so much hate. A family who had it’s flaws and owned up to them because just like all … Continue reading thoughts from a young girl.

Racism in Fashion

Hello my loves! Today, I’m following suit with another one of what’s occurring in the media. I was scrolling through Twitter (my addiction that I should really give up on but… to no avail) and came across the picture: Anthony Anaxagorou, “This is not fashion, this is fetishising and commodifying racial abuse.” Now, if you’re not aware, in the left photo is a picture … Continue reading Racism in Fashion

Homecoming 2k16

Aw October. The month of when the weather begins to get colder and the color of leaves begin to change. Sweaters begin to come, fall eyeshadow and lipsticks begin to come back out, leg warmers of all colors are being tucked in boots, and scarfs are being worn more often- around the neck and head. All in all, the season of fall is spectacular. And … Continue reading Homecoming 2k16

How to Succeed in Overkill

All right, before I go into my project, here is a disclaimer. At my school, there is theater- which is the acting aspect of the arts, and tech theater- which is the set making, costume, props, lighting, etc. aspect of the arts. And if it isn’t obvious, I am in tech-theater because of costuming. At the beginning of junior year I was blessed with being … Continue reading How to Succeed in Overkill

High-Low Skirt

Hello loves! Fall is somewhat coming to an end- even though temperatures are saying otherwise- I needed a fall a skirt that was an eye catcher. Something bold, something that popped.  So as I had promised- the skirt I had finished a while ago. It was a skirt that I had taken me longer than usual ones I’ve done before. The pattern is McCall’s M7054: … Continue reading High-Low Skirt