Flawless Full Face: Summer Edition Part 1

Hello my loves!

I had recently posted a page under my makeup tab about the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional primer. Following suit to that, I want to continue with my full face routine and how my face remains matte looking throughout the hot and scorching summer days.

Instead of doing individuals, I just decided to put my whole routine in two parts.


With my skin and having trouble with pigmentation, I need a concealer that can cover the uneveness of my complexion. Because simply wearing foundation isn’t cutting it. For a while I had just used brighter concealers and then covered it with a skintone matching foundation that wasn’t working.

A benefit of watching Youtube makeup artists and seeing what they use on their face to make them look so flawless and then going out and buying it. Two of the Youtubers I follow are Jackie Aina and Irishcel507. Now, other than the fact they do flawless makeup tutorials, they both are very keen on talking about their skin. And what I had noticed with watching them religiously was that they both colored concealed.

With following multiple makeup accounts on Instagram, I knew what color concealing was. Lots of people do. But I simply didn’t know how to apply it or which color was for what. A while ago, I believe last Christmas, I had bought myself a concealer palette, with multiple concealers in different shades.

Boolavard Professional: $3.69- Amazon
        Personal Review: 7.5/10

This was something I had bought on Amazon, thinking it was going to fix my problem back then before I had come across color correcting. But if you notice the three on the left along with a bright yellow at the top of the second row from the left, those are some color correctors.

What the glittery white one is for, I’m not sure- that’ll need further research.

  • The green one is for fading away redness. If you have acne, red rings underneath your eyes or redness in your face, you would apply the green concealer to fade that away. But since I have a dark complexion and don’t really have acne- just the occasional black heads *insert eye roll*- I don’t use the green one.
  • The pink one is for more fair skin. If you have undereye circles that are more purple then red, you should use the pink one. It’ll fade away and then with applying foundation, it’ll look as if it has disappeared. Again, with my complexion, I don’t use the pink one either.
  • The yellow one, as I’ve read, is for more tan and olive skin complexion. And continuing with eye circles, if they are purple-blue then you should use the yellow one. As well, I do not use the yellow one. (beginning to see a trend)
  • The orange one- which did not come in my concealer palette *bummer* is for the undereyes that are simply dark as well as the darker complexion who have pigmentation issues. *raises hand* You apply this under your eye or on dark spots and it will simply fade away and once you buff it into your skin and apply foundation, your dark spots will fade right away.

There will be a link below that’ll further explain color correctors, and what products to use if you have these problems. 

Now with that being said, I have the orange color corrector.

LA Girl Cosmetics HD Pro Concealer Orange Corrector: $5.00- LA Girl website, $5.23- Amazon
Personal Review: 7.5/10

LA Girl Cosmetics has a widerange of concealers of different shades, from color correcting, to contour and highlight, to ones that’ll match your skintone. When I had first gotten this, I bought it in a set of three and was able to choose which colors I wanted for about $8 on Amazon. When it had finally come in, I instantly tried it the next day and was completely satisfied with the fact it covered my darkspots and bags underneath my eyes.

It wasn’t until I went outside that I realized that I looked like a Oompa Loompa. I had put on the concealer and then my foundation, what was the problem you ask? My concealer mixed in with my foundation and created this orange oompa loompa foundation that I hated.

For many other times I tried to fix this problem. I had come to the conclusion on either mixing a light concealer *usually the one I highlight with* and mixing it with the orange corrector or apply a concealer that would match my foundation. It’s a toss-up some days.

Rated a 7.5 because the process of making sure I don’t come out looking like an Oompa Loompa is too much. It’s simply too orange for my complexion I don’t know how Jackie Aina can do it but yes, still on the prowl for a good orange corrector.


Now disclaimer, I usually don’t wear foundations in the summer. They are too heavy for my skin and feel as if they are clogging my pores in this ninety-five degree weather. I believe I only wore foundation three times so far this summer, but that was only with the knowledge that I would be inside and rarely outside.

But the foundation I use when I decide to wear it is Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer. 

Milani Website: $9.99, Walmart: $8.52
Personal Review: 9.0/10

Now I bought this foundation on their website only because the shades they had at Walmart only went up to number 09 in Tan out of the 14 they had on Milani’s website. I had heard about this product through Nikki Tutorials, another one of my fav Youtubers, and she had given a great review on this. So of course I tried it.

Now, what I do love about this is that it is very good coverage, as I expected it to be with it being foundation and concealer. But just to be safe, I did put on concealer that matched this foundation on top of my dark spots, I hate when I can see them.

I rated this a nine because this isn’t a foundation I would use in the summer time. Because even though it is lightweight and oil-free, it still felt heavy with the summer weather. If it were fall, winter, and spring- this would be perfect. 

But that leads me into my other and final product that I use for my full face.

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer + Corrector- Sephora: $25
Personal Review: 9.5/10

I know what you are possibly thinking, why does this concealer fall under foundations instead of my category above with concealers. Here’s the thing, I use this is as a concealer and foundation. I had learned a trick from Irishcel507 about concealers and how to wear them as a foundation but it not be so heavy. You mix your everyday lotion with it. With that it becomes a lighter foundation and is also helping your skin. Perfect huh?

I rated it a 9.5 because when I had went to Sephora, the woman who sold it to me gave me a shade too dark. She took one glance at me and instantly gave me the darkest shade, which isn’t the case with me. It matches me in the summer time when my complexion gets darker but as for the other seasons, it’s too dark.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I know it’s a bit long but there was a lot of information I wanted to tell you guys so you won’t be confused with this process. I hope you guys try it out and let me know what you think if you use it. Also let me know some of your guys makeup and what you guys wear to make yourself feel flawless.

Part two will be powders and settings sprays.


^ Link for more information on color correcting