How to Succeed in Overkill

All right, before I go into my project, here is a disclaimer. At my school, there is theater- which is the acting aspect of the arts, and tech theater- which is the set making, costume, props, lighting, etc. aspect of the arts. And if it isn’t obvious, I am in tech-theater because of costuming. At the beginning of junior year I was blessed with being … Continue reading How to Succeed in Overkill

High-Low Skirt

Hello loves! Fall is somewhat coming to an end- even though temperatures are saying otherwise- I needed a fall a skirt that was an eye catcher. Something bold, something that popped.  So as I had promised- the skirt I had finished a while ago. It was a skirt that I had taken me longer than usual ones I’ve done before. The pattern is McCall’s M7054: … Continue reading High-Low Skirt