The Body Shop: Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Hello loves!

This is my facial routine part one- cleanser edition.

This summer I introduced myself to cleansers. A couple months ago the way I used to take off makeup was with makeup wipes. And it was as if every makeup wipe I used to take off a day of a full face would break me out. I was sick of it. With countless amounts of research I tried just about every makeup wipe that I could afford- even the supposed “most gentle” wouldn’t work for me.

So what’s a girl do when she needs to take off her face completely? I refused to just use water because that’s not completely cleaning the face, only the surface. I needed something that got in there and fully cleaned my face and was refreshing.

Low and behold- cleansers! 

Cleansers are another thing that is used to remove makeup, dirt, oils and anything else that is trapped in your face. That’s what I needed. So again with the countless amount of research.

I was searching for a reasonable priced cleanser that would do what I needed it to.


Ulta/The Body Shop: $17.00

I had bought this on The Body Shop’s website almost instantly from seeing it and it arrived in about a week. My face was recovering from one of my breakouts from the makeup wipes, so I was glad that it had gotten there sooner than I expected. While my face was still dry, I would put about a quarter size of the product on a cotton ball and run it all over my face, even though I wasn’t wearing any makeup other than eyeshadow and mascara.

It was really gentle and doesn’t irrtiate my skin at all. And when my face got smoother and I could wear some foundation or BB cream, it easily took off my face as well.

Personal Review: 9.0/10

I didn’t rate this a ten because even after taking it off my face, I would go back in with it again. With cleansers, they are supposed to be light and gentle, but I just needed to make sure it was fully working. One coat wasn’t enough so I would use two.

But all in all, it is a good cleanser and I do love it. It’s such a good replacement from makeup wipes and makes me feel like it’s getting off more and really getting into my pores.

I hope you guys liked it and will try it, let me know what you thought in the comments.

Next up is my facial wash.